Find out how you can save £30,000 on your energy bill

energy efficiency rating charts for reducing energy  billsAs the price of energy bills have continued to rise dramatically over the last few years, it’s become increasingly important for your home to be as energy efficient as possible. In 2013, the average cost of a dual-fuel bill was nearly £1,264 for a household; an incredible sum that many already hard-pressed homeowners are finding increasingly difficult to pay in the current economic climate.

One very simple way to increase your home’s energy efficiency is to upgrade your existing window and doors. Single glazed and old double-glazed windows are notoriously bad at saving energy and retaining heat in your house during the cold winter months, and so by replacing your current windows and doors with newer, more energy efficient versions you could significantly reduce the cost of your fuel bill.

Our energy calculator determines how much on average your household spends on energy annually, based on your current type of house, window system and type of heating. It also shows you how much you could potentially save by upgrading to an Inspire uPVC window or door product.
Inspire uPVC windows and doors are brilliantly energy efficient and will help you to reduce the amount of fuel you use: you’ll almost instantly see a noticeable reduction in your energy bills, along with a marked improvement in the warmth of your home.

We offer a range of double-glazed, and even tripled-glazed, windows and doors to notably improve how much energy your home saves. Not only will you be helping the environment by upgrading your current windows and doors to an Inspire uPVC system, you’ll also be saving money in the process.
Based on a detached house, with a wood, single glazed window system and with mains gas as the energy source upgrading to triple-glazed windows from the Inspire collection, you could save nearly £37,877 over a 30 year period and 110,000kg in CO2 emissions: an incredible reduction.

Visit our energy calculator and find out how much you could save by making your window systems, and your home, more energy efficient.