Timber conservatories

With an almost limitless amount of design options, our bespoke timber manufacturing service lets you create a stunning new conservatory that will be the talk of the neighbourhood. Choose from the “Dempsey II” or bespoke Petworth range and see how our luxurious timber conservatories can transform your home and garden.

Two unique conservatory roof systems are available on both our Dempsey II Traditional and Petworth conservatories. The traditional roof includes solid timber rafters, ring beams and eaves beam complete with external aluminium cappings for low maintenance and internal timber finishing trims.

The Petworth conservatory roof offers enhanced design detailing including pilasters, dentil moulding, lead lined timber gutters and decorative carvings.

Timber species

Choose from our range of timber species each with it’s own character for your windows, doors or conservatory.

Accoya timber species

High performance, highly durable timber created from sustainably sourced softwood.

European oak timber species

European Oak
A durable timber with an attractive grain sourced through FSC certified supply chain.

European Redwood timber species

European Redwood
Sourced as engineered laminated stock to improve stability and therefore durability.

Sapele timber species

Moderately durable hardwood sourced from West Africa and the Cameroon.

Timber finishes

A variety of finishing options are available across our timber product range. Both translucent and opaque colour collections are available to help you customise your chosen product to your personal liking or to blend in with existing building features.

Opaque finishes for our timber products

Opaque Finishes
Preserve the natural beauty of a timbers grain whilst providing protection for your product.

Translucent finishes for our timber products

Translucent Finishes
A selection of high quality opaque finishes for traditional painted timber window aesthetics.