Why you should be wary of ‘free’ triple glazing upgrades

tripling glazing for windows

Unfortunately, the glazing industry is not without its share of tradesmen who are willing to offer so-called ‘free’ triple glazing upgrades that in effect, are completely pointless.

Triple glazing as the name suggests uses air (or gas) trapped between three panes of glass, separated by two spacer bars, to aid heat retention and increase the thermal efficiency of the window or door. It’s been proven that the thermal benefits of triple glazing are only really apparent when 44mm units are used, with 16mm gaps between each of the panes and when each unit has a toughened centre pane, specifically designed to avoid cracking. Unfortunately, many manufacturers and installers are aware of this important fact and still continue to offer ‘free’ upgrades that in effect, are no better than a double-glazed unit and that can end up costing a lot of money to replace when they go wrong.

With some installers unintentionally installing triple-glazed windows and doors with flimsy centre panes that are liable to cracking, and that have smaller gaps and sizes than those necessary to make a noticeable difference in thermal efficiency, the benefits of triple-glazing can become completely insignificant if the correct product isn’t installed in the correct way.

It’s important to remember that just because the window or door has an extra pane of glass, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is any better in quality than an existing one.

That said, when it is done right, triple glazing can have a really impressive effect on the overall energy efficiency of your property and the cost of your energy bill. Priding ourselves on our trustworthy and honest approach to business, the Dempsey Dyer Inspire range of triple-glazed windows and doors use only a thickness of 44mm and toughened centre panes to ensure that you’re provided with the highest quality tripled glazed window or door.