Triple glazed windows

Suited to both traditional and modern properties, triple glazing can truly enhance the energy efficiency of your home by reducing heat loss through the glass.

Triple glazing uses the space between three layers of glazing to provide enhanced levels of insulation. Our triple glazing comes in 36/44mm glazed units. This surpasses the industry requirement for thickness as well as featuring a toughened central pane for extra security.

If you live near a road or a busy thoroughfare, triple glazing can help to reduce the amount of noise pollution heard in your home.

uPVC Triple Glazing

Inspire triple glazed uPVC windows are available in two different frame styles and almost unlimited colour options, from classic white through the rainbow to wood effect finishes. We can design you windows in any shape, style and colour you desire, with different colours for the outside and inside of the frames.

Decorative edgeDecorative
Chamfered edgeChamfered

Timber Triple Glazing

Our triple glazed timber windows are available in a range of hardwood varieties, designed and manufactured to last. Choose a translucent coating for a traditional finish, or why not order your new windows in a bold or classic paint colour?

Accoya timber speciesAccoya
High performance, highly durable timber created from sustainably sourced softwood.

European oak timber speciesEuropean Oak
A durable timber with an attractive grain sourced through FSC certified supply chain.

European Redwood timber speciesEuropean Redwood
Sourced as engineered laminated stock to improve stability and therefore durability.

Sapele timber speciesSapele
Moderately durable hardwood sourced from West Africa and the Cameroon.


Benefits of triple glazing

  • Enhanced thermal insulation keeps your property warmer, for longer
  • Excellent sound insulation reduces the amount of noise pollution in your home
  • Improves the energy efficiency of a property, potentially reducing energy bills
  • Adds value to your property

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