Why you should upgrade the lock security of your property now

lock security on a house

According to the Office of National Statistics, last year 7.3 million households in England and Wales experienced some form of crime: a 15% reduction on last year’s figures. This doesn’t mean that householders should become complacent however. Now is as good a time as any to upgrade your lock security.

One possible reason for the overall reduction in crime over the last few years is the better steps that some householders are taking to protect their properties: namely by installing better locks and upgrading existing ones. Another possible reason for this reduction is also the progressively improving quality of locks that are now available on the market. As more and more households improve their security and upgrade their locks, those properties with inferior lock security are increasingly becoming easy targets: an important reason to upgrade your own.

At Dempsey Dyer Inspire, we take the security afforded by our products incredibly seriously and as a result, many of the windows and doors in the uPVC Dempsey Dyer Inspire range are supplied with MACO locks, a premium lock brand of impeccable quality. All of these locks are backed with the MACO Secure Plus protection scheme that provides you with a 10 year guarantee, £1000 excess cover, and a 24 hour emergency lock breakdown service. On top of this, MACO Secure Plus also gives you the option of additional secure key holder, alarm response and lost key return services.

Better locks not only improve the security of your windows and doors, they can also provide you with added peace of mind, which when it comes to the security of your home and property, is in itself, priceless.