How long do timber conservatories last?

a timber conservatory

Timber conservatories are elegant, charming and considered the height of vintage style. If you’re considering adding a timber conservatory to your property it’s important to get some key information about the structure itself before investing. Perhaps one of the most frequent questions many homeowners find themselves asking is: just how long does a timber conservatory last for?

A well maintained timber conservatory constructed from properly seasoned hardwood is liable to last for many decades, if not centuries. Here are three common factors that will influence the lifespan of your timber conservatory:

Factor 1: The type of timber

The type of timber that your conservatory is constructed from also plays an important part in determining its lifespan. Hardwood is the best material to build a conservatory from, which includes woods such as oak, cedar, pine and idigbo.

The name ‘hardwood’ doesn’t actually refer to the density of wood, but rather to the fact that it is sourced from deciduous trees. As a result, it is important to know the exact type of wood your conservatory is constructed from. Make sure you use an approved installer, such as one from the Inspire network, who can tell you precisely.

Factor 2: How the wood is treated

Another fact that many people often managed to overlook is the fact that conservatory timber needs be seasoned properly with the right materials. Unseasoned wood can present real safety issues if used in the construction of your timber conservatory: it is liable to warp over time. The appearance of timber conservatories, constructed from wood which has been treated properly, will mature beautifully and really grow into their look.

Factor 3: The amount of maintenance invested in it

Regular maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of your timber conservatory. The upkeep is as simple as applying the proper sealants to the wooden frame every couple of years. Timber has been a traditional building material for thousands of years and if well looked after, can survive for a very long time. A well-maintained timber conservatory really can last for centuries.

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