Timber windows: How we make them.

2At Inspire we are committed to creating exceptional products of impeccable quality, so how are our timber windows made and, what makes our timber windows the best? The answer is simple: our meticulous, artisan manufacturing process that ensures that your product is created to an impeccably high quality.Every stage of the manufacturing process; from cutting the wood, to painting the finished window, is completed at our very own factory in West Yorkshire. This ensures that we can maintain the perfect, flawless quality of our products.

Preparing the wood

We only use high quality hardwoods for our frames, as hardwoods are much more durable and last longer. Before manufacturing, each product is checked by hand and eye for any wood defects such as knots and marked with chalk. The wood is then put into a cutting machine that can read the chalk and cut around the defect, ensuring that the wood we start with is of the highest possible quality. In addition, all of the tools used in the manufacturing process are designed and created onsite, further ensuring the exceptional quality of your frame.

Creating the profiles

After the pieces have been cut, the inside edges of the wooden frames are then profiled. We don’t use pre-moulded frames, and create each product to a bespoke design. This assures that the design and appearance of our products can be tailored to suit the needs of our customers.
The ends of profiles are then joined together by hand and the frame is assembled. Our highly skilled team of craftsmen do everything by hand, ensuring that the quality of everything is rigorously checked.The design of the wooden frame itself is also incredibly innovative. Deep joints ensure that the frame will be stronger, more durable and longer lasting than other timber windows. All of our frames are also manufactured with a 7° degree slant that allows rain water to drain away incredibly quickly, before penetrating into the wood and causing damage.After the frame has been assembled, the outside of the frame is profiled and the window frame begins to take shape. Glue is then applied to the end-grain of the wood to further weatherproof the frame and increase its durability.

The painting process

The assembled and glued frame is then left to dry. After drying, it is taken to the finishing room where colour is applied. First, a base coat is applied in a flow-coater which ensures that paint is evenly applied in all the hard to reach areas. Once dry, the frame is then sanded down by hand and personally inspected to ensure high quality. After this inspection, two coats of paint are then sprayed by hand which assures an even, high quality finish.

Glass is then mounted into the frame and the beads put into place. It is then pinned and fittings are attached. Finally the finished frame is then wrapped in a protective plastic film to ensure that your product reaches you in exactly the same impeccable quality that it left our factory in. Your timber windows are complete!

A company in which you can place your trust

At Inspire we take great pride in the quality of our products: all of our timber windows are manufactured to the absolute highest quality. We feel it’s really important to let you know how your timber windows are made, and the painstaking effort that goes into crafting each one of our products, ensuring that you know that Inspire is a company whose products you can trust.Watch a video of the fascinating manufacturing process, below!