What type of wood should I choose for my timber windows?


When it comes to choose the type of wood in your timber window, there’s a huge variety of options. Here’s a quick guide to deciding what type of wood would work best in your new window. Hardwood vs. Softwood windows The wood used in the windows of your home can be divided into two types: hardwood timber or softwood timber. The term ‘hardwood’ and ‘softwood’ is actually a misnomer: some hardwoods are incredibly soft, and some softwoods are incredibly hard. The important thing to remember is that both types of wood have different properties, suited to different needs in a … Continue reading

Timber windows that could last until 2064


When it comes to choosing a natural window frame material with great thermal retention properties and great aesthetics, timber is the best material available. Timber windows are perfect for heritage properties, homes in conservation areas or modern properties aiming to achieve a traditional look. Timber windows: incredibly long lifespan What many people don’t know is that windows made of timber have an excellent lifespan; anywhere from 40-60 years up. When compared to the lifespan of other common window materials such as uPVC, timber is one of the most long-lasting materials currently available on the market. A longer lifespan in a … Continue reading

Timber windows: How we make them.


At Inspire we are committed to creating exceptional products of impeccable quality, so how are our timber windows made and, what makes our timber windows the best? The answer is simple: our meticulous, artisan manufacturing process that ensures that your product is created to an impeccably high quality.Every stage of the manufacturing process; from cutting the wood, to painting the finished window, is completed at our very own factory in West Yorkshire. This ensures that we can maintain the perfect, flawless quality of our products. Preparing the wood We only use high quality hardwoods for our frames, as hardwoods are … Continue reading

How you can get the look of timber windows for less

inspire timber windows

Real timber windows can make a property, whether period or modern, look truly exceptional. If you want to get the look of timber windows for less we here at Inspire may have the solution for you. Over the last decade, technology has developed to such an extent that uPVC can now emulate all the best features, craftsmanship and aesthetics of timber windows, without the cost and maintenance of the real thing. The Beaumont is a high-end, exceptional quality uPVC window that has the all attractiveness and appeal of timber windows without the cost and maintenance of the original. Designed to … Continue reading