10 questions to ask your window installer

window installer

You should always feel completely confident in the knowledge, skills and experience of your home improvement installer, before you buy a product or service from them. Having trust in the person renovating your home really does give you extra peace of mind. We’ve come up with a list of 10 must-ask questions you should ask your window installer: 1. How much experience do you have? As with anyone who practices a skill, generally the more experience you have, the better your finished result. You need to be certain that the person who’ll be modifying your home actually knows what they’re … Continue reading

6 things to look for when buying secure windows and doors

secure windows and doors

You may not know it, but October is National Security Month. Unsurprisingly, statistics show that there is a 20% increase in home burglaries as it begins to darker in the autumn and winter months, so October is the perfect month to be thinking about improving the security of your home. To help you out, the Inspire Range have created a list of six important security features to look for when buying new windows and doors. 1. Toughened glass Glazing is obviously the most vulnerable area of a window. Therefore, ensuring that the glazing of a window is toughened is a … Continue reading

Why you should upgrade the lock security of your property now

lock security on a house

According to the Office of National Statistics, last year 7.3 million households in England and Wales experienced some form of crime: a 15% reduction on last year’s figures. This doesn’t mean that householders should become complacent however. Now is as good a time as any to upgrade your lock security. One possible reason for the overall reduction in crime over the last few years is the better steps that some householders are taking to protect their properties: namely by installing better locks and upgrading existing ones. Another possible reason for this reduction is also the progressively improving quality of locks … Continue reading