How you can get the look of timber windows for less

inspire timber windows

Real timber windows can make a property, whether period or modern, look truly exceptional. If you want to get the look of timber windows for less we here at Inspire may have the solution for you.

Over the last decade, technology has developed to such an extent that uPVC can now emulate all the best features, craftsmanship and aesthetics of timber windows, without the cost and maintenance of the real thing.

The Beaumont is a high-end, exceptional quality uPVC window that has the all attractiveness and appeal of timber windows without the cost and maintenance of the original. Designed to seamlessly emulate the look, and properties of natural wood, the Beaumont utilises a special mechanical joint in its construction that simulates the traditional mortise and tenon joints used in the construction of timber windows.

The mortise and tenon joint is an ancient type of joint used in woodworking and masonry. Simple in principle, a projecting spur (the mortise) fits into a corresponding slot (the tenon), which maximises the overall strength of the join. This technology dates back to the Neolithic period and incredibly, recent evidence has shown that the mortise and tenon was used in the construction of Stonehenge. With the fundamental principles of the join remaining unchanged for thousands of years, adapting the joint for use in our own uPVC product ensures that you get the high quality craftsmanship of a timber product without the cost and hassle that would a real wood product would bring.

If your property is located in a conservation area and needs a specific style of wooden window, the Beaumont could also be for you. With a truly authentic wood appearance created by a range of wood grain effect foils, the Beaumont window is the perfect uPVC alternative to timber windows. Helping you to maintain the authentic, period look of your property easily, and get the look of timber windows for less the Beaumont by Dempsey Dyer Inspire is the perfect uPVC alternative.