5 must watch home improvement shows this Christmas

george clarke

For many families, Christmas without television is unthinkable. Watching hours of festive television has become something of a British Christmas tradition. What better way to while away the cold nights than by watching some home improvement programmes? We’ve come up with our 5 favourite specials and shows on offer over the festive period. George Clarke’s Amazing Christmas Spaces Heir to Grand Design’s Kevin McCloud, architect George Clarke and his Amazing Spaces series has become a firm favourite with homeowners, thanks to its exploration of unique home improvement projects. The Christmas special of ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Christmas Spaces’ is sure to … Continue reading

Forget A rated windows, ask for an A rated installation


Here at the Inspire Range we pride ourselves on the quality of our A rated windows. We think that when it comes to the perfect home improvement project, there’s something more important than simply just the quality of your products: the quality of your installation is also an important factor in the success of failure of a project. Skilled craftsmen for exceptional installations You could have a product of the most impeccable quality, but if its installation is sub-standard, all of its enhanced properties will be negated. That’s why it’s important to balance an A rated window with an A … Continue reading