How long do timber conservatories last?

a timber conservatory

Timber conservatories are elegant, charming and considered the height of vintage style. If you’re considering adding a timber conservatory to your property it’s important to get some key information about the structure itself before investing. Perhaps one of the most frequent questions many homeowners find themselves asking is: just how long does a timber conservatory last for? A well maintained timber conservatory constructed from properly seasoned hardwood is liable to last for many decades, if not centuries. Here are three common factors that will influence the lifespan of your timber conservatory: Factor 1: The type of timber The type of … Continue reading

5 home improvement products for every property

White uPVC french patio doors

If you’re in the process of improving your home, you should know that there are some products that really can transform both the looks and potential value of your property. Below we’ve listed our top 5 home improvement products for every property! 5. Bi-fold doors (aka Sliding folding doors) Bi-fold door technology has taken the industry by storm over the last few years – it is easy to see why. Offering truly revolutionary opening options, bi-fold doors (also known as sliding folding doors) give you the option of opening as much, or as little, of your room to the outside … Continue reading

Timber windows: How we make them.


At Inspire we are committed to creating exceptional products of impeccable quality, so how are our timber windows made and, what makes our timber windows the best? The answer is simple: our meticulous, artisan manufacturing process that ensures that your product is created to an impeccably high quality.Every stage of the manufacturing process; from cutting the wood, to painting the finished window, is completed at our very own factory in West Yorkshire. This ensures that we can maintain the perfect, flawless quality of our products. Preparing the wood We only use high quality hardwoods for our frames, as hardwoods are … Continue reading

How you can get the look of timber windows for less

inspire timber windows

Real timber windows can make a property, whether period or modern, look truly exceptional. If you want to get the look of timber windows for less we here at Inspire may have the solution for you. Over the last decade, technology has developed to such an extent that uPVC can now emulate all the best features, craftsmanship and aesthetics of timber windows, without the cost and maintenance of the real thing. The Beaumont is a high-end, exceptional quality uPVC window that has the all attractiveness and appeal of timber windows without the cost and maintenance of the original. Designed to … Continue reading